Top 10 Best Smartwatches in Current Tech Market

Gone are those days, when people had to look at the conventional watch to know what is the time. Now, due to the arrival of smartphones and other gadgets, watches are not essential gadgets anymore.

However, the story of watches hasn’t ended here. The introduction of smartwatches serves many needs of the users, in addition to just knowing the time. And the market is full of the best smartwatches is not bad at all. 

Smartwatches, in various shapes, sizes and prices, are available in the market and one of a few among these can surely suit you. Here are the 10 best smartwatches in the market that you’d like to go for. 

With smartwatches, you can have notifications from your phone and track your health conditions.

Here are the reviews on the best smartwatches for Android and iPhone and according to the features and facilities, these have been ranked from 1 to 10. 

For iPhone users, the Apple Watch Series 7 may seem like the obvious choice. However, there’s good merchandise from the rivals like Huawei, Amazfit, and others.

And hybrid smartwatches made by Withings and Fossil can also be a good choice according to the needs and preferences of the users.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – Best Overall

Advantages: Best Wear OS experience, tactile design, Incredible Performance

Disadvantages:  Full functionality for Samsung Galaxy users only. Extra costs for classic styling.

Price: Starts from $ 349.99b  

Samsung Galaxy watch line was behind Apple Watch in the marketplace. But, in 2021, Galaxy Watch 4 series also made a huge shift in the wearable watches arena. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can be said best of the best smartwatches in 2022. 

The Watch 4 Classic may look like the previous model– Galaxy Watch 3, as it had a signature rotating bezel, however, Samsung’s long-standing use of Tizen OS has not in it anymore. By making a partnership with Google, a new resurrection of wear OS (having the feature of signature Samsung tweaks) you’d see on Watch 4 series. 

The Watch provides Samsung Galaxy users with access to new health data, body cosmopolitan analysis for example. Besides, it has ECG features and an irregular heart rhythm detection facility.  

This smartwatch runs on Wear operating system and provides access to third-party apps without the iterations of previous models. 

For Samsung Galaxy users, watch 4 Classic is the best experience and the premium paid for the gadget is worthwhile. However, for other android users, it’s still a great fit.

2. Apple Watch Series 7- Best One for iPhone Users

Advantage: Fast charging, minimum bezels, full of features.

Disadvantages: No new censors, no improved battery.

Price: Starts from $399 

Series 7 has very little upgrade over the previous Series 6 of last year. However, even after that, it’s undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches available in the market to buy, especially for iPhone users. 

Series 7 has possessed all the improvements from the Apple Watch of 2020. It included an always-on altimeter and blood oxygen monitoring.

It also has a fast-charging ability and a 20% larger display. It bezels around 40% thinner, which gives it a more sharp look. It also retains compatibility with current Apple Watch straps.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4- Best Value Provider

Advantages: Best Wear operating system experience yet, Customized design, excellent performance.

Disadvantages: Only Samsung Galaxy users will get full functions. 

Price: Starts from % 249

If you don’t like the physical rotating bezel of the Watch 4 Classic, then you can be comfortable with the standard watch 4. 

It’s also available in two casing sizes, but for greater personalization, has diversified color variation as well.

Its contemporary and ultra-modern design, along with a digital bezel capable of touchy feedback, has turned it into the desired gadget.  

Except for these, functionality and Wear OS 3 experience remain the same compared to the classic.

In short, Watch 4 is a device full of premium features, which include the Google Play Store, ECG function, and a huge number of third-party apps. 

But, the price is significantly lower compared to the Watch 4 Classic.

4. Fitbit Sense- Best for Fitness & Good Health

Advantages: Stress tracking facility, great design & display, give the opportunity to call from wrists and having Fitbit app. 

Disadvantages: Non-buckle wrist strap and only premium subscribers can enjoy some metrics. 

Instead of using the most well-rounded Fitbit, it adds a lot of new health features according to the company’s best capabilities. 

Not only it’s full of health-warning signs but there are a lot of features that will assist in indicating serious health problems and ways to overcome them. 

It’s undeniable that stress can affect us all, and managing it will make us benefited both in terms of mental and physical well-being.

For all types of physical and mental health tracking, Fitbit Sense is the desired device you need.

5. Oppo Watch – The Apple Watch for Android Users

Advantages: A device of great performance, attractive design, and wonderful screen.

Disadvantages:  Have only proprietary straps, average fitness functionality, and non-authentic design. 

Oppo never released a smartwatch, but the Oppo watch, with its 41 mm and 46 mm overall structure and design, is really a brilliant effort to be noted. 

This model is inspired by Apple Watch aesthetics and cellular functionality and really is a rich feature set. 

Because of smart processor pairing and huge RAM, users can expect swim proofing superb performance, along with one of the best Wear Operating System 2 experiences.

If its heart rate sensor would give a more accurate result at the time of workout, it would be a much more effective device.

6. Amazift – Great Gift of Affordability

Advantage: This inexpensive, slim device is full of a good range of features. 

Disadvantages: For fitness issues, it has no auto-tracking system and can’t reply to messages.

Price: Only $99

Like an Apple Watch, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is another excellent device of the time, that has a similar metal body and rectangular AMOLED display.

Even, its outer structure is a little slimmer than that of Apple but priced far less than Apple’s latest. Its battery capacity is not less than Apple’s and possesses additional features such as sleep tracking. 

It would be a bit down if take the software capacity is taken into account. Besides, its operating system, as well as a mobile app, are slow and a little bit weird.

But, the company says, it’s working hard to improve functionality and stability.  

Its feature made it the kind of device that falls somewhere between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. But, its user experience can tell you, if you have it, you would get more than what you had spent.

7. Fossil Gen 5 – Best Design

Advantages: The device of versatile designs and smooth performance, got charges very fast. 

Disadvantages: It won’t be capable of Wear OS 3, and also have aging internals. 

Price: $295 

Powered by Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, along with wear OS’s power management, Fossil Gen 5 can be said an all-rounder watch.

These features give it more control over taking power from the Gen 5’s 310 mAH fast-charging battery. 

In the very near future, its advanced version Fossil Gen 6 is ongoing to be launched, however, Gen 5 is also the provider of a smooth user experience.

Surely it’s one of the best smartwatches in the current market. 

Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy watch are ahead of Gen 5 in terms of performance, but it’s not much behind when you think about its most adaptable, flexible styling and top-notch aesthetics.

8. Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro- The Most Luxurious Watch

Advantages: It has the ability of tracking activity extensively. Made of premium materials, it has a good-looking display.

Disadvantages: It’s very much expensive, and contains poor third-party app support and old internals. 

Its luxurious body is made of a mix of titanium, ceramic, and sapphire glass. Its battery can last up to 14 days after charging.

In addition, this Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro possesses some of the finest fitness tracking features. 

It’s capable of supporting over 100 workout types, as well as provides the professional-grade opportunity of tracking 17 of those categories.

These features cover everything from heart rate to VO2Max, from altitude to pace. 

With all its features and beauty, it’s one of the best smartwatches in the current market. 

Furthermore, its also capable of blood oxygen measurements, stress, and sleep monitoring, which, in combination, will guide you in the time of workouts, and then you don’t have to keep your attention on the display again and again.

9. Suunto 7- Great Device for the Runners

Advantages: This device of rugged design is capable of extensive activity tracking and adapts according to the experienced user’s wants. 

Disadvantage: It’s expensive and has low battery life. 

Price: $499

This outdoor-friendly smartwatch may look expensive, but according to the facilities it provides, the price seems reasonable. 

This thin and lightweight watch is well fitted to all weather. Its superior GPS accuracy for route tracking and own fitness apps provide the users with a lot better experience than the Wear OS-capable Google Fit app.

10. Amazift T-Rex Pro- Great Device for Hikers

Advantages: This good valued, durable, robust designed device had a broad workout selection.

Disadvantages: Its performance seemed to be slow, made of plastic, and possesses a closed ecosystem.

Price: $179 

It’s the upgraded version of the T-Rex model of 2020 and is equipped to handle depths of up to 10 ATMs. 

Amazfit has expanded its range of activities. So, in the time of activities, it can track them with over 100 workout modes.

In addition, Sp02 tracking makes the fitness metrics the Pro capable of logging, keeping in step with the competition.  

Despite the plastic design, this device is well-tested against challenges like the shock of temperature extremes. Its price is quite reasonable, too.


Smartwatches are a very trendy product for this age; Hence, You can go for buying one of them according to your taste and preferences.

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