Going Paperless Strategy of ThemeLooks, for a Greener and Sustainable Tomorrow

Keeping pace with the growing trend of going paperless and being an environment-conscious business organization contributing to nature conservation, ThemeLooks Ltd., the Bangladeshi Web Applications Development, Software, and IT company redefined its plans and programs.

ThemeLooks already inserted the principle of ‘Going Paperless’ within their organization and have been implementing this policy through almost all aspects of their business.

ThemeLooks are excited to become a truly eco-friendly business organization and want to expand its business scope keeping this nature-friendly thinking in mind and utilizing a going paperless strategy.

Going Paperless, Going Green, Be Smart 

Going paperless and going green is the new mantra for today’s businesses that want to attain efficiency and sustainability in their business process and procedures. The challenge is to reduce paper dependence and automate the working processes through a secure and legal mechanism.

Going Paperless is always difficult for any business to transform from its traditional model, and give itself a new shape. However, in this competitive era, businesses cannot afford to lack behind their peers, they need tools to stay in the race of moving towards greener business operations and sustainable strategy.

Therefore, the emergence of digitization has proved to be a savior for businesses these days. Efficient and affordable, digitization and electronic management systems are helping these businesses go paperless and green in a secure and legal manner.

It is impossible to go paperless totally. However, it can be minimized to make an environment-friendly work-station.

Logic Behind ThemeLooks’ Going Paperless and Going Green

Environmental Causes

The continuous progression of science paved the way for introducing tools that care for the environment and contribute to nature conservation. Today is the age of digitization and cloud storage. Piles of papers are now becoming the tradition of the past. Going paperless saves both time and money.

So, we don’t need to cut and replenish the asset of the forests. As computers were invented to make our lives easier and able to choose alternatives, ThemeLooks also came forward to utilize the facilities of digitization and go in alternative paths. 

For centuries, business organizations have been depending on paper documents. Today computers are in use in almost every medium and big business. Printers joined the computers printing out millions of papers each year. So, the use of paper is rising an average of 7 percent each year.

This huge use of paper creates massive paper-wastage of used paper and causes pollution. From research, it’s found that from 100 tonnes of paper, 1.5 tonnes of carbon-di-oxide is created, which causes an enormously detrimental effect on the environment. Besides, the paper-wastage is also a big reason for water pollution.

However, many business organizations are increasing their awareness and adopting the radical approach of converting information on paper into data as well as transforming physical documents into digital information.

ThemeLooks is not different; hence their mission also includes initiatives that result in environment conservation. 

Paper-Wastage causes huge soil, water, and air pollution

In addition to environmental benefits, there are some important material benefits also associated with going paperless-decision of ThemeLooks:

Business-efficiency Causes: 

1. Saving Cost

Using paper entails more cost that comes in the form of papers, printers, printing, cabinets for keeping files, etc. Handling and managing documents sometimes need extra manpower to do the tasks. 

Printed documents and faxes are generally expensive and a bit inconvenient. Storing these paper documents is time-consuming and they are not accessible if you are not in the office.

If you are going for digital documents, then you’ve to reduce the use of the additional office equipment that needs paper such as printers, faxes, and copiers. So, ThemeLooks want to reduce the use of paper and the machines that need paper as much as possible.

2. Reducing Time and Increasing Speed

Creating, preserving, and handling papers needs lots of time. If documents are preserved electronically or through cloud computing, then the management or employees can access them just by clicking and logging in and that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Hence, they would be able to avoid carrying the bulk of documents.  With a view to reducing time and increasing efficiency, ThemeLooks decided to accomplish most of the tasks electronically. 

3. Minimizing the Use of Space

Maintaining and preserving paper documents needs some space. ThemeLooks wanted to maximize the use of office spaces by doing maximum tasks electronically. The spaces that are saved can be used for other purposes, too. 

4. Smart Office Management

To keep pace with the modern era, ThemeLooks do maximum task electronically and has chosen a digital alternative. They believe, doing digitally means inserting smartness into the work procedures of the organization. 

ThemLooks Initiatives to Implement Paperless Workplace and Going Green

1. Developing Software to Empower Digitization 

ThemeLooks has been developing a good number of software since its inception in 2015 that can assist multi-diversified tasks done digitally. They have clients worldwide and when the clients use the software, they are doing their targeted tasks electronically.

That means, without paper, they are accomplishing their tasks, which fulfills the goal of going paperless and going green simultaneously.

2. In House Practice of Accomplishing Tasks Electronically

With a view to becoming a paperless organization gradually, ThemeLooks does most of its executorial jobs electronically.

Instead of sending letters, they prefer sending emails. Instead of doing accounting, managerial and human resource tasks on paper documents, they do them using software and digital applications. Communication inside and outside of business is also done through using various apps. 

A paperless office increases efficiency and inspires building a sustainable, green environment 

3. Valuing the Necessity of Environment Conservation

 As a conscious business entity, ThemeLooks believes them to be a part of this Earth where they conduct its business operations. Hence, they believe they have a responsibility to the environment and to the world at large. ThemeLooks believe, by saving paper they can save branches of trees, which in turn save trees.

Moreover, as they don’t want to be part of increasing paper-waste-producing business entities, the very matter of ‘Going Paperless’ and ‘Going Green’ are inserted into their corporate mission. 

Last Words

ThemeLooks always aims to be a global organization that can be an example in conducting eco-friendly and sustainable business operations. They are striving to contribute to the nature conservation process and inspire and are ready to expand their green business motives far beyond the scale of possibility.

Hence, they believe, they will go a long way in truly implementing the going paperless strategy, an important issue of today’s environment-conscious business world. 

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